One gear wheel fits into the other.

What we do.

You want to communicate. You want to enter into a dialogue with your target groups (“publics”) and establish lasting trust? And you want your readers and customers to think and speak positively about you and your services? If that’s what you want, that’s what we want – and we’re here to support you. As diligent publicity agents. With words and deeds. As hard-working public relations staff, we link your sales and marketing strategy with values, and successfully navigate you through current challenges. This is how we would mesh. So that you can communicate continuously, credibly and accurately with your various publics (the media, experts, employees, customers, partners and suppliers).

„Don’t worry if others are talking about you – as long as it’s positive.“


We write your texts. From A to Z:

ads and annual reports, brochures and briefs, claims and cover stories, dialogues and drafts, essays and eulogies, features and feuilleton, gazettes, headlines, interviews, journal contributions, key concepts, lead articles, mailings, news, press releases, social media and blogs, scripts and speeches.

In lexical terms, we understand “text” as a delimited, coherent articulation in written language. Yes, that’s right – that’s what we do. But there’s a lot more to it than that. In a very literal sense as well: the word “text” is derived from the Latin root textum, meaning “woven fabric”. So we deliver texts – and weave connections.



We advise you.

You have some (or maybe no) idea of where you want to go and are looking for a connecting thread to reach your goal as effectively and efficiently as possible? We’ll help you. Together we will define the relevant dialogue groups, develop a fitting PR concept and supply you with a concrete timetable while we’re at it. But we’re also happy to provide operational support for your media relations work by defining the relevant target media and establishing contact with them. We’ll research and maintain your media distribution list, formulate and send your press releases, prepare background information for the press – and take care of anything else that might crop up in this context – planned or otherwise. In a nutshell: we’ll lighten your load. That’s what we understand by “deed”.

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